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Make Yourdream designsa reality.

Make Yourdream designsa reality.

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Basement remodeling
Bathroom renovation

Our Purpose

At Palma's A&E our purpose is to transform spaces and enhance lives. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional remodeling results that reflect our client's unique visions and lifestyles. Our commitment to quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction drives us to exceed expectations in every project, big or small. Through our work, we strive to make every house a home, and every space a source of pride and joy.  

Palma's A&E

Our Specialties

We specialize in transforming spaces to reflect our client's unique tastes and needs. Our portfolio includes a diverse array of projects, from modern kitchen upgrades and luxurious bathroom remodels to open-concept living spaces and innovative residential renovations. Each project showcases our commitment to detail and customer creativity.

Kitchen remodeling
Bathroom remodeling
Custom Carpentry
Living room remodeling
Bedroom remodeling
Deck remodeling

Our Story

Founded by Ever Palma in 2010, Palma's A&E (Architecture & Engineering) makes your dream designs a reality. After graduating from a 4-year college, Ever worked in an Architecture Firm as an Assistant Project Manager for two years before being promoted to full-time Project Manager. Later, he founded his own company and began remodeling and contracting for all around Northern Virginia.

Ever Palma
Ever Palma
Ever Palma

All 5 Google Reviews!

Susan Stankus

"Ever Palma is wonderful to work with and very trustworthy. Many times I was unable to be present and I never worried. Ever and his skilled workers are on time and pleasant to be around. I have a beautiful new kitchen thanks to his guidance and recommendations.  Thank you, Palma A&E Consulting.”
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